Keep the Mozzies and Flies breezing by, instead of breezing in!

Product Care & Warranty


MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens


Cleaning of Screens
Screens can be lightly vacuumed if necessary, but have the screens lying flat at the time. Do not allow the nozzle to suck in the mesh. Screens which may be greasy e.g. kitchen area, may be dipped in a luke warm mild detergent solution in a large sink or bath. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, shake off surplus moisture and re-clip to window. Dry edging well.

Screen Removal
Gently pull screen away from window using the finger space. Place left hand under screen at bottom middle (palms up) and place right hand on top of left hand (palms together) with mesh between. Pull screen out to 45 degrees from window and pull down gently. If screens have not been opened regularly or for a period of time, please very GENTLY open screen as magnet can stick.

This WARRANTY does not cover ripping or tearing of any part of the screens; accidental damage by  broken glass, or any damage incurred by the screens not having been stored flat; or left close to a direct heat source or sunlight.