Keep the Mozzies and Flies breezing by, instead of breezing in!

MagicSeal  Services



For your Free quote - Ph 0430 790349 to book a time to measure up.


  • Measured quote, so you know the exact price before we proceed.
  • Priced window by window, to help you decide which ones to do.


All screens are pre-made, so that installation can be done, spending the least amount of time in your home as possible. (We can instal up to 18 screens in a full day, depending on beading requirements)


Getting an Estimate before quoting - measure your windows before you contact us. We will give you an estimate, so that you have an idea for budget purposes. We require the inside measurement of the height and width of each window, the window type and frame material and a description of the design.  The estimate will be provided subject to us confirming that screens can be fitted and measurements being confirmed. The estimate may change if any unusual packing or beading is required.


  • You can then work out your budget and time lines at your convenience.
  • You only have us traipsing through your house when you have decided to proceed.
  • Estimated window by window, to help you decide which ones to do.    

MagicSeal’s magnetic insect screens and fly screens are extremely east to fit & maintain.